Tuesday, November 30

38 - Home, "sweet" home.

I know what I said.. And I know what I haven't done. But hey! Cut me some slack! I've been busy! :) It's not like I had enough time to actually sit down and write that long ass blog post while being in Sweden. Oh.. And why the hell am I going all "I'm sorry for not updating my blog" for?.. WTF's wrong with me, I don't owe you anything. I'm doing this for me. So stfu or find another blog to read. KKTHX&BYE.

Anyway.. I'm still alive, and I'll be coming home soon, as in tonight, as in.. bah.. CBA HOME.

Friday, November 26

37 - Just a quick update

I'm sitting in my mom's bed, trying to figure out what to write on my post about Oslo, the concert and everything. I can't really reveal too much now, 'cause that would leave the post about Oslo to be boring, and we don't want that.

I pretty much wanted to say that I'm still alive, it's just that the internets I'm using is kinda not so reliable, and I can't really post a long ass post about fun, concerts and stuff without my pictures :p

I'll do my best to get the post up by the next two or three days, 'cause I've got another post to write after the whole Oslo-deal, and major CBA on mashing them up together :p

I guess you'll hear from me soon :)

Wednesday, November 24

36 - And I'm ready to go..

I'm all packed and ready to go to Oslo and Sweden.
I'm going to Oslo tomorrow morning (my plane leaves around 9), and I'll be staying with my lovely mom until saturday, then I'm off to Sweden (where I'll be staying until tuesday). I'm so excited!

What am I doing in Oslo? I'm going to hang out with my mom, try to meet as many friends as possible aaaaand I'm going to a concert, yesh - Avenged Sevenfold. Wiio wiio.
What am I doing in Sweden? Just getting away from my hometown and relax, hang out with friends and just be me for a few days. I really need to get away from everything right now, I need a change - a big one. So I decided to go to Sweden! :-d

But... Girl + traveling/packing = trouble.

Deciding what to pack and what to leave behind..

As you can see I chose to pack almost everything, and leave nothing behind.
I don't want my clothes to be jealous at each other because some of them can't go traveling with me.

Yes, I'm pr0 at this. Not that I've been traveling that much, just that I'm pr0 at folding and such :p

I want to leave RIGHT now.

Tuesday, November 23

35 - Makeup

Why are we so afraid to stand out?

The last one here is sorta "normal", but yet it's so beautiful and special.

Monday, November 22

34 - It's a McDonald's parteeeh!

Today's been a really busy day for me. I woke up at 9, only to figure out that I could've slept until 1 - but it was OK to just stay in bed and relax until I actually had to get up. I started working at 3 and for a few hours I was just doing regular stuff, but there was a birthday-party at 5.30 that I was in charge of, so I "hosted" a birthday-party with 14 boys (age 9). They were loud and it was as much fun as exhausting :p
When I finally was supposed to be done at work, there was too much to do. So I had to stay for a little while longer and help out - 'cause there were only me and two more people at work. Luckily I didn't miss the bus home - I would've been kinda screwed if I did.

There's nothing better to get home after a busy day at work, take a long and hot shower and just slack like never before. Which is my plan right now. I'll keep you posted ;)

Sunday, November 21

33 - Outfit, hah jeykey.

Smail tu ze camera.

Strike a pose!

Ze camera luveses ju.



Nom nom noming.

32 - Best guild ever.

Everybody needs to feel like they're a part of something, such as a group of friends, a team in sports or simply a guild. When you're playing games like WoW your guild is way more important than you first expected it to be. Take me and the guild I'm in as an example... When I was new in the guild I knew no one, and it was sorta just to escape the guild invite spam, but before I knew it I was a part of the guild. I started to make friends.. And after a while we invited my friends to the guild as well, which made the guild feel a bit more like "my guild". Your guild shouldn't be about having best gear and being the most hardcore. The more you like the people in your guild, the better is your experience of the game, and it's so much easier to get better at everything. It's easier to learn from friends, than people who think they're better than you.

<Metal Thrashing Mad>

Saturday, November 20

31 - Oh, and the weather outside.

It's getting darker and colder outside, yay! I dislike it when I have to gogo store or work or just do anything that's not inside my apartment or my room, but on the bright side it's the perfect reason for staying in! I'm going to the store and buy hot chocolate-stuffz and other stuff that's nice to have while staying in - it's saturday! Omnom, the official stuffing-your-face-day! :D tbh every day is my official stuffing-my-face-day.

It's sooo cold outside! I don't want to leave the house until summer.

Friday, November 19

30 - Promise you'll be fine, as long as you stay in my line of sight

Mihi. There's a geek in me, and I sometimes have to let her out for a little while. That's why I'm raping you with YouTube-videos :p I just loooove that I'm playing again, but I think it's getting out of hand again, everything I do is related to WoW. Some of the lyrics are like seriously pr0 tho, like massive lol inc :p Mihihi.

I'm guessing you can expect WoW-post for a little while, but ofc I'll try to write about other stuff as well. I don't want my readers to get bored with me writing about the same stuff over and over :p

Wednesday, November 17

27 - Cheese n whine

To be completely honest I don't know what to write, the last couple of days have been really sucky. I keep thinking about my cat, and how much I miss her. It might seem weird to some of you, but I've never had that many people in my life, but I've always had a cat.. So I somehow get really close to my cats, and I guess that's why it hurts like hell when they die.

Ooo.. World of Warcraft-talk inc! You may, or may not know that I'm lvling a hunter, and it's actually kinda fun - even tho I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm guessing Dennis, who I've forced to lvl with me, is sorta having fun considering he's the one who have to listen to me being all confused and stuff. I know, I'm just adorable when I'm confused.
Oh.. And they are fucking up Orgrimmar, and it's driving me crazy. I hate you Blizzard, and I hate you Cataclysm, or well.. That's a lie, I can't wait for Cataclysm - wtb rated battlegrounds! :d

Innocent face, much?

Sunday, November 14

24 - Have you ever loved and lost somebody?

I lost someone today, someone that meant the world to me - my cat. Those of you who can't see how anyone can love their cat as much as I loved mine, stop reading, go do something else. Don't let me waste your time. It weird, how much a person can actually love an animal. My mom and I got her a few weeks after my last cat, Oliver was hit by a car and died. To begin with it was just to fill the emptiness, but eventually I "fell" for her. She was a crazy, hyperactive cat, but there was nothing she loved more than to slack on the couch with me or my mom. I miss you little friend.

When I was told that she was sick, my heart stopped. And now that she's gone my heart is broken.
I moved out from my grandmother, but she couldn't come with me, so I left her behind. I feel horrible about leaving her there alone, but there was nothing I could've done different. She was sick from the beginning, and I know that she was in a great deal of pain the last weeks, so at the end of the day it was the right thing to do. But that doesn't take the pain or the loss away. I still love her, and I still miss her.

One day, we'll meet again <3

23 - That's how you get remembered.

I stole this idea from a friend of mine, she's doing the same thing on her blog.
All the pictures are from the first episode (season 1) of gossip girl.