Sunday, November 21

32 - Best guild ever.

Everybody needs to feel like they're a part of something, such as a group of friends, a team in sports or simply a guild. When you're playing games like WoW your guild is way more important than you first expected it to be. Take me and the guild I'm in as an example... When I was new in the guild I knew no one, and it was sorta just to escape the guild invite spam, but before I knew it I was a part of the guild. I started to make friends.. And after a while we invited my friends to the guild as well, which made the guild feel a bit more like "my guild". Your guild shouldn't be about having best gear and being the most hardcore. The more you like the people in your guild, the better is your experience of the game, and it's so much easier to get better at everything. It's easier to learn from friends, than people who think they're better than you.

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