Monday, January 24

66 - Sick of you

My mind is totally empty. There's not a single thought in my head that's usable for a blog post of any kind. I mean... WTF? I used to be pro at coming up with things to write about, but now I can't even think of one thing that might be interesting to write about. On top of feeling kinda sad panda about not being able to blog like I want to, I'm not even able to play like I want to - whenever I try to sit down and play, I end up with doing one BG or HC and then I'm sick of it. I'm sorta in a "place" where I'm sick of everything, I just wanna find something new to do, something fun. I'm sick of being bored with all my hobbies and all.

Good night all. I might be back in a while, but for now I think I'm going to take a break from this. I guess I'll report in if something fun or interesting happens.

Thursday, January 20

65 - One. Congratulations!

I would like to congratulate my beloved friend with her son's first birthday today! Congratulations! It's insane that you've been a mother for a whole year, to me it seems like it was only a few weeks ago you told me you were pregnant. Time flies by!

You've done one hell of an amazing job this far, going through everything you've been through. It only gets better from here, before you know it you're sending him to school! :o I love you both, and I'm always here for you, aunt Vic's gonna babysit whenever needed! :D

Mother and son <3

Tuesday, January 18

64 - Something better to do?

I'm not supposed to feel guilty for not blogging, or am I? No, I'm not. I'm supposed to be happy, 'cause in most cases that means that I've got something better to do. My boyfriend is still here, yay! I don't want him to go home - ever. He's my boyfriend, I just want to have him around all the time, wantz to be able to cuddle whenever!
Anyway.. Today we've been eating dinner with my grandmother, omnom. And that's pretty much it. I woke up early, but I went back to sleep around 12 cause I didn't feel good. I'm still sorta not well.

Now I'm busy doing BGs with the boyfriend and Eps :) Later guys!

Friday, January 14

63 - It's alive!

It's weird how I promised myself I'd reach 100 posts before new years, and here I am, still struggling my way through the 60's. I've got nothing on my mind, and nothing to say. My boyfriend is still here, so blogging isn't first on my list. I rarely even cross my mind.

I've been playing a lot lately, PvPing as usual. Trying to gear up my paladin, but I've also tried to make my hunter reach higher lvls - how's that working out for me? It isn't. I'm waaay to cba to lvl my hunter at the moment. I'd prefer having a lvl 85 priest or warlock - I think.
I've been doing arenas lately! I know! I'm just as surprised as you are, little me... not scared shitless about arena! Dafakk?! But actually I find it interesting, and I wanna learn more about arena, and being good at it.

Questions you might ask yourself when you realize the time I published this post, is she still up? Or did she just wake up? Does she ever sleep? The answers are, I went to sleep around 23, but woke up because of my "dreams" sorta. And yes, I do sleep - sometimes. I can sleep when I'm old or dead. No need to waste so much time sleeping.

Just to remind you how cute we are together.

Monday, January 10

Friday, January 7

61 - Mystery dinner

Getting home after a long and busy day at work, sitting down, watching your boyfriend make dinner is teh proness! My boyfriend is the best in the world, taking good care of me when I'm not feeling a 100%.
So this weekend I'm going to be completely off, stay in bed forever, sleep until I wake up, just relax and get better! I'm tired of not feeling well.

I'll go eat this mystery dinner that my boyfriend's preparing. And I guess I'll let you know that I'm still alive sometime during the weekend. For now.. I'm out :)

Wednesday, January 5

60 - In sickness and.. um.. I forgot the other part.. -.-

Today is my day off.. And here I am, dying on the couch. It's not supposed to be like this, a new year, fresh start and a happy ending ffs. Lucky for me I've got the best boyfriend in the world, he made hot chocolate and offered to make breakfast, sorta like "you just stay here, I'll fix!" He's the best!

Meh.. I'm going to gogo feel good now! Cba being home like this :) I haz no taim to wejst on feeling ill and all.

Saturday, January 1

59 - ... and it all turns to dust.

Do you remember how great everything used to be when you were a kid? At some point we stop being kids, we have to leave the people we've been used to seeing every day for the last 10 years, we start going to different schools, meet new people and make new friends. To me it seems like the only ones you'll keep is the ones from your childhood, the ones you've known since you were born. Ofc we promise that nothing's going to change, and that we'll be able to maintain our friendship. I'm not saying it's a lie, 'cause it's not. It's just out of our hands, we're apart, we talk less, get less in common, and then within a few months (maybe even weeks) that friendship is more or less gone - and you're stupid if you think it's as easy as meeting up and pretending like nothing's ever changed.

I often find myself sneaking around on facebook, looking at people I used to consider as my best friends. I can't help going into some sort of emo-trance whenever that happens. I miss most of the people I used to go to school with, the ones I was forced to see every day for 3 years. It was the worst 3 years of my life, the 3 years that changed everything. We all went from being small kids, to being somewhat more adult. Your mind change, your body change, everything changes those 3 years. So I find myself asking: If those people that were everything to you when you went through the biggest changes in your life, how come everything you had just faded away, and now is not even in the back of anyone's mind anymore? We're we just fellow late bloomers? Did we blossom apart?

There's this one girl I remember I used to spend a lot of time with. We did everything together. I haven't spoken a word to her in something like 3 years now. We've said happy birthday on facebook and that's about it. I miss her.

I miss all of you guys. We shared so much, for good and for worse.