Friday, January 14

63 - It's alive!

It's weird how I promised myself I'd reach 100 posts before new years, and here I am, still struggling my way through the 60's. I've got nothing on my mind, and nothing to say. My boyfriend is still here, so blogging isn't first on my list. I rarely even cross my mind.

I've been playing a lot lately, PvPing as usual. Trying to gear up my paladin, but I've also tried to make my hunter reach higher lvls - how's that working out for me? It isn't. I'm waaay to cba to lvl my hunter at the moment. I'd prefer having a lvl 85 priest or warlock - I think.
I've been doing arenas lately! I know! I'm just as surprised as you are, little me... not scared shitless about arena! Dafakk?! But actually I find it interesting, and I wanna learn more about arena, and being good at it.

Questions you might ask yourself when you realize the time I published this post, is she still up? Or did she just wake up? Does she ever sleep? The answers are, I went to sleep around 23, but woke up because of my "dreams" sorta. And yes, I do sleep - sometimes. I can sleep when I'm old or dead. No need to waste so much time sleeping.

Just to remind you how cute we are together.

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