Monday, February 14

69 - Be my valentine

Valentines day... And guess who's sitting in my living room having a date - online. Yes, my boyfriend and my best friend :) I'm really glad that they get along so well, and honestly I couldn't care less about valentines day. I love my boyfriend and friends just as much any other day. Why would I spend time showing my boyfriend and friends that I love them this day, instead of any other day?

How's the love is in the air achievements looking? Don't even ask... It takes time. I guess I'll be joining my boyfriend and my best friend soon :p See ya!

Wednesday, February 9

68 - Love is in the air

Some of you might know that Lunar festival is coming to an end, and similar to all other world events you can get achievements from Lunar festival, if you complete all of them you will be rewarded a title.

So now I'm hanging out in Orgrimmar named "Elder Victoriafr", lookin' all cool and stuff.

And only a few days ago Love is in the air began, and I'm now trying to get the title "The Love Fool". I've wanted this title ever since I found out about it, I'm guessing that's mostly because I feel it fits me perfectly. I'm not an achievement-person, just that.. I don't know.. I want that title! 

Keep 'em comin! 

Monday, February 7

67 - Do it like a hunter,

do it like a druid, I'm a pally I can do it better than you!

That's what you get for trollin' youtube.