Sunday, November 14

24 - Have you ever loved and lost somebody?

I lost someone today, someone that meant the world to me - my cat. Those of you who can't see how anyone can love their cat as much as I loved mine, stop reading, go do something else. Don't let me waste your time. It weird, how much a person can actually love an animal. My mom and I got her a few weeks after my last cat, Oliver was hit by a car and died. To begin with it was just to fill the emptiness, but eventually I "fell" for her. She was a crazy, hyperactive cat, but there was nothing she loved more than to slack on the couch with me or my mom. I miss you little friend.

When I was told that she was sick, my heart stopped. And now that she's gone my heart is broken.
I moved out from my grandmother, but she couldn't come with me, so I left her behind. I feel horrible about leaving her there alone, but there was nothing I could've done different. She was sick from the beginning, and I know that she was in a great deal of pain the last weeks, so at the end of the day it was the right thing to do. But that doesn't take the pain or the loss away. I still love her, and I still miss her.

One day, we'll meet again <3

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