Saturday, March 5

Go there alone

  The journey of life is basically a journey we have to travel by ourselves, we sometimes find people who's going the same way as we are - so we decide to walk together until we have to choose different paths. I've talked about this tunnel that I'm stuck in, pitch dark tunnel with, what seems to be, no entrance or exit. There's no light coming from anywhere, and I've been lost inside it before. Not knowing where I'm 
going, doubting the direction I've chosen to walk, sometimes even walked straight into the wall. 
  Someone heard me screaming and decided to come look for me, he found me - 
and now we're trying to figure out where he came from. The light keeps getting brighter, we can pretty much touch it now - we're just so exhausted. What harm would it do to just sit down for 5 min to catch our breath?
  My head is a mess right now, I've created a "level 5" to keep my emotions separated, which failed the other day btw. All of a sudden I found myself laughing my ass off while crying my heart out. It's the worst combination in the world - according to me at least. Specially when you know that deep down inside that the laughter is just another part of the crying, except it's the part you'd like to hide from the
  The one that makes your lips shake, and your tears build up quickly and fall fast. You end up being bent over or crouched trying to suck it in and not make any noise, but it hurts too much to hold it in. So you let out a yelp and a cry, then comes the loss of breath, which sucks, because not only are you crying out loud, but you think you sound dumb for not breathing too. Imagine that, and then you're sitting there rofling your fu*king ass off.. It's hilarious, yet pathetic. I'm just glad I don't have to walk alone anymore.


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