Sunday, March 6

Bittersweet pain

  I already have two tattoos, but it's true once you've taken your first tattoo you're hooked. I want more. I've decided one of the tattoos I'm getting, but I can't get it just yet. I have to be like 25 to make sure it won't stretch considering I want it around the hip/stomach area, and I'm hoping that one day I'll get the pleasure of bringing a kid into this world.

  I would also like a sleeve tattoo, but I'm not sure it would fit me. Feels like I'm "too cute" for a tattoo like that. I'm not at a place where I could decide which tattoo to get right now, so I guess I just have to wait and see.

  I'm sooo getting something like this tho. Looks pro! And then I want a tattoo saying how much I admire my mom for making me who I am, and doing that all by herself. She's been the best mom in the world, I wouldn't trade her for anything!

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