Tuesday, December 21

50 - End me nau, thx!

Great.. I'm home with a fever and everything that comes with it. Feels like I'm burning from the inside and out, but yet every bone in my body is frozen. I can't eat, 'cause honestly I feel like it's going to turn around and shoot up the same way it came from, when it hits my stomach. I hate being home like this. This sucks. I'm not able to do shit, just stay in bed all day - staring at the wall or into my screen, and neither is that fun tbh. Lucky for me, my grandmother stopped by with food that's supposed to "bind" the stuffs in my stomach.. Even tho it sorta failed, it was better than nothing.

And on the bright side we have the fact that it's Tuesday, which equals christmas getting closer and ofc Sunday getting closer! And that's about it.

Meh.. I need to find a movie to watch or something. Cba staring at my facebook "home" page... Nothing's happening anyway - and I sorta, actually, dislike spamming facebook.

Night, and tell me to get well!

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