Wednesday, November 3

9 - Who knows what the future holds

What am I supposed to do with my future? I'm getting an education, but what am I going for? I've been thinking about a lot of different stuff, such as hairdressing, fixing computers, working with children, designing clothes, repairing cars and a lot of other stuff.

Right now I've got 3 major things on my mind, it's either working with computers, working with children or being a hairdresser. I think I might be going for the whole computer-deal tho.

But for now I'm trying to focus on just getting enough money to pay the rent and my bills, but yet have enough to go out with my friends or buy something new for my closet every once in a while.

But if we look past the whole focus on living in the moment and education-part. I wanna find a guy that's worth the risk of trusting, fall in love, eventually have children and maybe even get married. Ofc I want that, I am a girl, aren't I?

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