Thursday, November 4

10 - Places I wanna go

It's time for us to take a look at places I wanna go.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
I'm not sure why I'm craving to go to this city,
probably because of Sensation.

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
Some of my friends has been there, and they loved it,
I guess that's why I wanna go. On top of that... It looks pr0.

New York, USA
'nuff said.

Los Angeles, USA
'nuff said.

London, England
I've never really had any opinion about England,
but I figured I really wanna go there.

Sydney, Australia
It looks pr0.

It just seems to be the right place to get new impressions,
and considering I've got a friend living there for a year
I really do want to see what this place is all about.

It just seems so peaceful, relaxing and somewhat romantic.

South Africa

Rome, Italy
There's just so much history there.

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