Friday, November 5

11 - Places I've been

So where have I actually been?

Barcelona, Spain
This was a crazy idea Sandra got when we were in Spain 
this summer, to just go to Barcelona for a few days.

Me sitting in front of 
The magic fountain of Montjuic

Torrevieja, Spain
Sandra and I spent 10 days in this beach, away from everything
and everyone. Summer of '10 <3

Berlin, Germany
This was one of the many places we stopped by when
we were going on a school trip, sorta like the whole white busses-thingy.

Krakow, Poland
Also a part of the school trip, we spent 3 days here. Beautiful city.

Prague, Czech Republic
A part of the school trip, I fell in love with this city right away,
even tho we were walking all day and my feet really hurt.

Västerås, Sweden
I was doing this thing called NOVU, which is a friend-city-thingy.

Albena, Bulgaria
In 2002 my mom, Daniel, Daniel's mom and I were just here
for a random holiday. It was actually pretty nice.

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