Tuesday, November 2

8 - Early days

An early morning in February 1992 two people who was deeply in love became parents to a little baby girl, yep, you guessed right, that little girl was me. My dad left us when I was a few months old, and was sorta never to be seen again. After living in Aalesund, where I was born, for about 4 years my mom and I moved to Oslo. That's when my mom met my stepdad, so I grew up in Oslo with my mom and my stepdad.

As a child I was surrounded by friends and people all the time, I was the glue that held everything together. Until one day, when a girl, not saying her name btw, decided to fuck my life up and she turned everyone against me. My life went from perfect to failure in the blink of an eye.
After trying to get through it for a few years, my mom gave up. And we moved back to Aalesund.

I started in 8th grade, and things finally started to look brighter for me. But things got complicated with my mom and me when I was about 16-17 years old. I changed, I did things that I choose not to regret (I'd rather look at is as great experience to have on the way).

My life has been complicated, but I guess it's like that for everyone. So I'm going to stop whining and leave it to that.

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