Monday, November 8

14 - Time to confess something

Confessing something through my blog is kinda risky, specially if it's something really personal. I've been trying to figure out what to confess the past two-three days. I'm not that much of a bad girl, so I can't confess that I've actually done this or that, 'cause I haven't. And I don't feel like confessing suggestive stuff on my blog, that's just weird, and that's sorta reserved for my loved one (and my girls when I've actually done it). :p

I don't think I can get away with "confessing" that I'm afraid of the dark, like really afraid of the dark. So I have to find something else, something bigger. Something that you never thought I'd do. Hm..

To confess something while being upset and/or angry is never a good idea. So I'm going to leave it to this.. I'm confessing that there's nothing to confess (and that I tried to ramble on for a while to get away with it).

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