Sunday, November 7

13 - My worst nightmare

I'm not sure if I should write down the worst nightmare I've had, or if I should write down the worst thing that could possibly happen. Hmm... Both? Nee, I think I'll just tell you the worst nightmare I've ever had.

My worst nightmare is actually kinda fun, considering I was about 10 years old when I dreamt it, and it's still the worst nightmare I've ever had. I was walking the streets of a big city, something like how I would imagine New York to be like. It was late, darkness surrounded me from every angle. I looked up to the moon, and it turned around and started to look at me. It came closer and closer, starting to look more like an eye. Before I could even think "sup?!" it was right behind me, I started running. It followed me, rolling behind me and staring at me. I ran until I was out of breath, just to realize that the street was a dead end. It came closer and closer. Right before it was about to "get" me (tbh I have no idea what that eye would do to me)... I woke up. It's my worst nightmare, and I get chills all over my body by even thinking about it.

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