Tuesday, November 9

15 - Well... That takes me back

Bitz plis. Don't tell me that you don't have any ghosts in your closet. We all do. And some of them won't let go, mostly 'cause they're attached to songs, pictures, movies and other stuff. It's kinda hard to remember what's really old and what's like a year old. These days everything gets old really fast.

Let's start with the pictures. Since there's a few pictures, I decided to make two photo collages out of all the pictures I decided to use, instead of uploading them one by one.

And here a few songs, you might remember some of them (not all of them are like childhood-old, but they still take me back to something that's not ever going to get back to the way it was):

Alesha Dixon - Colors of the rainbow
Alesha Dixon - Breathe slow
Lifehouse - You and me
Bryan Adams - Summer of '69
Maria Mena - My lullaby
Jennifer Lopez - Step into my world
S Club 7 - Bring it all back
Spice Girls - 2 become 1
Britney Spears - Bombastic love

Movies I watched a thousand years ago, that I still remember and watch from time to time:

A walk to remember
The lion king

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