Tuesday, December 28

56 - Dear someone

First of all... I'm sorry I didn't invite you over this time, but you are more than welcome to come over with D the next time :) I'll make sure there'll be enough space (as in bed) for you. And you will get the chance to befriend Eps. And I'm sorry for taking your beloved D away from you, it's not to be mean to you - I've learned to care about you (even tho I'm kinda sure you still hate me, just a littlebit).

Second of all... I will dare to speak for the both of us when I say that we're having a great time! When he got here on Sunday, we decided to just stay in, watch half of two movies and just talk. Yesterday we invited Daniel over for tacos, which also was kinda fun. Daniel ended up on the ground, "rolling" around in the snow trying to win a pissing contest about being most retarded, he won - ofc. Today we've been slacking, hanging out with Espen and Daniel. We went to see the mall and "my" McDonalds.

Later tonight I'm making foodz, just to prove that I've got skills. 'Cause obviously some certain people do not think that I'm pro, and that I can actually make something that will not end up killing you - all by myself.

Hope you're doing fine. I think someone's missing you.


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