Thursday, December 9

44 - Don't you dare die on me!

I'm not supposed to blog, I'm supposed to lvl my paladin - but I can't. Been queueing for 2-3 hours now, and I'm still at like 400-something. Yay for Sylvanas being full.

Anyway, I dinged 83 the other day, and that equals a new holy spell, I'm lvling as holy if you didn't get it, [Holy radiance]. So Dennis and I decided to queue for the Deepholm instance so I could try my new heal. Hearts for instant queue, it's pro to queue as tank and healer :d

Anyway we went there, and there is this one guy who sorta hits kinda hard at one point, so Dennis died, and without a tank the whole group started dying, I tried my best to keep the "next best" tank alive, but it was impossible, and before I knew it everyone but me were dead. I went into some sort of panic and started running back towards the beginning of the instance. The boss was getting closer and I freaked out, must have been really funny for Dennis to listen to (we're skyping while questing and lvling). Dennis was almost back inside of the dungeon, and he kept telling me to "hang in there". Oh, I tried... I was nervous and scared, I didn't want to die. So... close... to... the... start... of... the... dungeon...
And Dennis resurrected, with 50% hp he started tanking again, getting back aggro, I healed like a God. And then.. WOOP! A dps was back in the game, and after a while we managed to take down the boss.
Seriously tho.. Kiting him all the way back to the beginning was fu*king scary.
After finishing that instance I was shaking, and filled with that "I NEED A SMOKE - RIGHT NAU"-feeling. And ofc the feeling of being the best healer in the world.

So ye.. Dude... I'm the best healer in the world. B-)

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