Monday, December 6

43 - Hardcore gamer

I got a few things to share today. I was actually about to post something before I went to bed, but that would've been a really shitty post, considering I was sorta "upset" :p

Yesterday I raided for the first time in my life, ICC10. I actually maybe, kinda, sorta liked a bit. The setup and all wasn't meant for downing Lich King, and we never really thought we'd get that far, but we did. We actually made it to Lich King.. After giving it a few tries we gave up, which is why I was sorta upset last night. I went there with no expectations of even getting to Sindragosa, and we actually killed her. So instead of being angry for not taking down Lich King, I should be glad that we even made it that far. And the group was sorta OK from my point of view, I've heard way too much about PUGs where people just whine about this and that, and there was no whining, so ye.. :) Good first experience with raids I guess.

The other thing I almost mentioned at the beginning... I've been thinking about it all day, at midnight it's the release of Cataclysm! I literally can't wait! So I guess I'll be up all night and stuff.. So I better get a few hours of sleep before the fun starts! :d I've already made sure that I've got enough Coke and chips to last until next year :d

Night! And don't be sitting here hoping for updates later tonight or tomorrow, I'll be gone, busy and so on :d

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