Thursday, November 11

19 - Your breakfast is ready, hun ♥

I fell asleep really early last night, like.. one hour after getting back from work. I died, and I woke up 3 minutes to 5 in the morning. My roomie got back yesterday, so I decided to surprise her with pancakes for breakfast, before she had to leave for school. She even posted a picture of it on facebook and she wrote something like "the best roomie ever made pancakes for me before I had to leave for school <3"

I just love surprising people - in a good way ofc! Makes me happy that I'm able to make others happy.
(btw... A friend of me and my roomie just "poked" me on facebook telling me that I'm the best roomie ever, cutesies!). I LOVE YOU GIRLS, ALL OF YOU.

All happiness aside.. Isac left for Dublin this morning, and he's not coming back sometime soon. He's staying there for a whole year, he got a job and all. Cheers mate! :) I'm really glad that he got the opportunity to do something that he really wants to do, but on the other hand I'm really sad that he left, I'm going to miss you Isac. :<

Anyway.. I have to get ready for work and all. There's a chance of a new post this evening btw, 'cause my beloved roomie decided to host a "taco-night" at our place, which is going to be fun and all, so I might feel like finning you guys in on that :p

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