Friday, April 8

Heyo! Sup?

So for the time being I've given up on World of Warcraft, I guess the relapse isn't that far away. I'm playing SimCity 4 Rush Hour just to keep myself busy after work, unless I'm out trolling real life with my friends o.O I know rite?! Me actually hanging out with people - after work. It's sortof insane.

Hm.. What's new? Oh right. I moved in with my grandmother again, because I couldn't afford the apartment alone. And I'm working my ass off at McDonald's, which is taking a lot of time and energy, but my pro co-workers make it funny and the money makes it worth it! :)
On top of that I'm going to Sweden to visit my gorgeous boyfriend for his birthday! No one said it would be easy to be apart, but it makes being together so much better!

And then there's a lot of lame things I could tell.. Like.. I've seen all of The Big Bang Theory, and I'm starting season 4 of How I Met Your Mother today. I'm also following Chuck and Gossip Girl - and when I get to Sweden I'll watch the last season of Heroes. I've turned into some sort of freak for TV shows. like.. W T F ?!

Now.. I'm off to get started at that show called How I Met Your Mother! Later guys!

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