Saturday, December 25

54 - Blake Lively, not so pr0.

My gorgeous boyfriend is arriving tomorrow, and I can't wait! I wish I could just go to sleep now, and wake up tomorrow with him next to me! But I gotta clean my apartment, and fix stuffs before he gets here, so I can't really just go to sleep. Even tho I decided to watch a movie over cleaning :p I can clean later, it's not like I have to do it right now :p

I watched "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants", in my opinion it was an OK movie. Blake Lively's acting was OK, but everything I see her in she's got the same role, superstar-girl among other high school girls. That makes me ask, can she do anything else? The story and manuscript was also OK, but not even close to being as well written as "The Town". Blake Lively had a small role in that movie too, not her best work, imo. She was playing the girl that seems to get the guys, as usual, but only this time she was broke (instead of being the rich and famous as we're used to see her in Gossip Girl).
I hope I never end up giving movies cred/crap for being good/bad, there will be many angry people in the world if that ever happens.

Bottom line: Blake Lively should try to get her acting together. She might be pr0 in Gossip Girl as the rich and perfect high school girl, Serena, but that's just not enough. Any good actor should be able to do more than just one role.

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