Wednesday, December 15

46 - It's a black top blur, but I'm pretty sure it ruled.

I know I'm late when it comes to listening to albums, I usually listen to one or two songs for like a few months before realizing that I might as well listen to the rest of the album. I've fallen in love with this one:
Katy Perry – Teenage Dream. My favorite songs from that album are: Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)Circle The DrainThe One That Got AwayE.T..

And then there's Deadmau5 – 4x4=12, I just love it! On this album I've fallen completely for a song called Raise Your Weapon. I can seriously listen to it thousand times before changing, only to change back.

Oh and.. I'm not going to make any promises here, but I'm sorta playing with the thought of making some sort of "My 2010"-post. We'll see, I guess :b If only my four readers would leave a comment telling me if they want such a post or not :p

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  1. yes please!

    and sing a song for me!! SING ME A SONG!! <3