Saturday, November 13

22 - If perfect is what you're searching for, just stay the same.

I love this song.

I love that song.

To me it describes being in love.

I love that song.

I want someone to feel like that 
when he's thinking of me.

I love that song.

I want to feel that way 
about someone.

I want someone to make me feel like I'm amazing just the way I am. I don't feel like that, I've never really felt amazing just the way I am. I've always felt not good enough. A friend of mine once said "you should stop looking for someone you have to fight for, and just wait for someone to fight for you.." I can tell you this... Waiting fucking sucks. But this isn't about me getting my heart broken way too many times, this is about me hurting. Hurting because of everything I've ever lost.
Meh, going to end myself now - just for writing such an emo post. FML.

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