Sunday, October 31

6 - My bad habits

Being late
I'm always late. No matter what, and usually more than
fashionably late. No matter what I always end up being a little late.

Eating too much
'nuff said.

Raging on the phone, or simply never pick up.
When I talk to my mom I usually end up raging,
and when I'm sleeping it's close to impossible to
get me to actually pick up.

Biting my lip
I'm biting my lip all the time. It's not even funny anymore.

Messing up my room
I always mess up my room when I'm getting dressed,
probably 'cause I try on everything before deciding what to wear.

Sleeping for 20 hours straight.
I can fall asleep whenever and wherever, and when I do
I usually don't wake up easily.

What to say? I'm a tease, according to everyone else. :s
I don't even do it on purpose.

Staying up late
It's weird that I manage to sleep all the time, yet stay up late.
I guess I'm pr0 at pulling off random stuff.

... 'nuff said.

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